Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Frittenbude are from munich. They appearently have been around for a while. They got signed to Hamburg's Audiolith lable and put out an ep and their debut album called "Mindestens In 1000 Jahren". I haven't heard the whole thing yet but as far as their myspace play list, their new radio single with the same name and my love for their older stuff goes - i'm sure i'd hit it hockey stick.

Their style is a bit cocky, but it's a fun blend of hard rocking riffs and noisy rave synths. give it a try, it will surly pump you in the mood of get piss drunk und dance some hobo to death. but donÄt do it. it will get you busted.. just feel the heat. FEEL IT!

You can find them on their ever going world tour through fancy german places. got excited? go and hit their blog - you'll find some fun fun pictures of the frittenbude people.



Monday, June 23, 2008


Hamburg, what the hell is going on? After spitting out 1000 ROBOTA last year (you'll read about them in an up coming post), there is another hot band indie rave dance rock something group coming from the the city up north: DANCING PIGEONS LIKE ICE CREAM.

We definitely are on the right path over here. The Pigeons sound like a young, darker live version of digitalism plus they are a real band, with..er.. real instruments and stuff. i find them pretty amazing as the get to sound very dark and industrial but manage to get the rave going and alwyas have the qlimpse on the colorful happy dance party that they could be played at.

here are two songs i got from them. this is exclusively the first post ever. they technically played like 3 gigs yet in two different cities, and they just finished school. oh boy. do you really need more reasons to be a fan.

go to there myspace to get a listen to a couple more songs and keep your eyes out for them playing at a club near you soon!

Mp3: Dancing Pigeons Like Ice Cream - Diary Of 1912
Mp3: Dancing Pigeons Like Ice Cream - Brushfield Spots


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here's Trip Fontaine. A very excited group of five out of a town near frankfurt. they do creaking rocky post indie pop core. get it? okay, here's a better one: The sound's like a mixture of Refused and The Beatles. Better?

Alright. They have two records out on Redfield. The newest one is called "Dinosaurs In Rocketships" and it's one hell of a rollercoaster ride. one song, they beat the living good out of their instruments; the next one they sing lullabys to kill for.

Oh and they have fun friends. Like Reply! from Prague. Had them do a fine remix of the Trip's single "Shine On You Lazy Liaison". Make sure to check the original version on their myspace!

Mp3: Trip Fontaine - Shine On You Lazy Liaison (Reply! Shine More Remix)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Who needs Ed Banger, Kitsune or Fabric One Hit Wonders?
We got Choreo. He’s from somewhere in the woods of germany. Buts it feels like he was born between Speakers and Drinks on the dancefloor. Massively distorted and banging, Choreo is cutting up the club bad time. There are some most amazing remixes and edits by him out there in the blogosphere. I’m sure there won’t be much time until Choreo is up front with the all those Sebastians and Mstrkrfts of this world.

This track is both for rave kids and metal heads. Its a choreo edit of Sebastian’s “Dog”:

Mp3: Sebastian - Dog (Choreo Edit)

Go to his Myspace to get a glimpse of what his own tracks could do. i’m sure they could kill kittens. Watch out for your cat. i might get harmed.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ter Haar are a berlin 3 piece that is actually a little to young to make such modern upfront music. it's not that they shouldn't do it or that there hasn't been any other young group playing catchy post rock.. it's just that listening to ter haar feels like a modern indie rave band playing post rock. that doesn't mean it's all pop and easy going and shit. it can rather be pretty harsh stuff in the likes of joan of arc or owls. but with sparks of nowadays music evolution.

They are having a 10" out on Sinnbus Records from Berlin and are lable mates of SDNMT and Bodi Bill. There is a new single coming out soon, i guess.

For now get your hands and ears on that one. It's called fabriken and i couldn't figure out if that song has been put out yet. it's typical looped up, moving and upfront post rock but check that distorted bass. it's fancy.

Go and add them on Myspace and don't forget to get a glimpse on them playing live. it's also very fancy.

Mp3: Ter Haar - Fabriken



Howdy Ya'll.

This is Status Kraut. This is to show you people, that we survived. we survived 25 years of major music business manipulation. we survived modern talking, we survived dj bobo, again dieter bohlen and not mentioning all those band casting crimes.

anyway. we're not here to complain, it's too obvious to complain. we're here to show you that there's still some light at the tunnel. There are still some amazing musicians out there in germany. we see more and more bands that aren't embarassing the flesh off our arms. yes. there is hope!!!

it is our mission to give you an up to date, honest report on what is Status Kraut right now.

KR for Status Kraut.